Retro når det er bedst

Information about the Danish Graziella Club

The purpose of this club is to maintain the old caravans and other items that has something to do with vintage camping. We help each other to provide spare parts and pass on experience and pieces of good advice.

We publish our club magazine “Sneglehuset” three times at year. The magazine contain storys and pictures, reports from different activities, nostalgic, good advice’s, an activity calendar and advertisements for buy and sale.

Furthermore we have concours/exhibition shows several times at year and our general meeting is every year the first weekend in August month.

We have a pleasant time together in a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere. We also emphasize to travel all around in the country and there will be opportunity for activities and experiences in the actual local region.

Owners or users of at least 25 years old caravans, tents, auto-caravans, foldout-wagons etc. and others there share the same interests can join the club. Many also have a vintage car but it is not at demand to be member of the Graziella Club.